Offshore bolag

Det finns många fördelar med ett offshore bolag.
Det är fullt lagligt och fullt legitimt med offshore bolag.
Det är varje persons rättighet att starta ett offshore bolag där var förutsättningar och  ändamål för affärsverksamheten passar bäst.
Du behöver inte var på plats för att starta ett offshore bolag!

Asien & Stilla havet

Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Private Limited Company Simple tax system. Asia financial hub
Business in Singapore

Best jurisdiction for Doing Business
Ranked 1st for efficient and open economy

Marshall Company Formation

Leading Maritime Registry Leading initial public offering on stock exchange

Business in Samoa

Stable government and economy
Free corporate income tax

Malaysia Labuan Company

One of the most renowned financial centers in Southeast Asia.
Complete exemption from income tax on profits for holding companies

Vanuatu Company

100% tax exemption, no financial statements. Good communications system and convenient access by air

Business in Vietnam

Located in the center of Southeast Asia. A favorable destination for many entrepreneurs.
A great advantage in economic development with other countries in the region.


Business in United Kingdom
Fifth largest economy in the world One of three global hubs for financial services. Start Ltd 295 EUR!
Company in Cyprus

Effective location for holding and investment companies
45 DTAs (Double Tax Agreements)

Business in Gibraltar

100% tax exemption
Excellent infrastructure and communications

Malta Company

World-class legislative and regulatory climate. Transportation and logistics hub

Netherlands Private Company (BV)

Leading banks (Rabobank, ING, ABN Amro)
Personal assets are protected against bankruptcy

Liechtenstein AG or Anstalt Company

Direct access to two markets (EU/EEA and Switzerland). Liberal economic policies


Soparfi or Commercial Company
Highest labour productivity in the world
2nd in the world about global logistics capabilities

Switzerland GmbH

Limited Liability Company
Liberal tax system
Head office of multinational firms

Bulgariskt Limited

Tax haven in Europe is Bulgaria
Bulgarien har EU:s lägsta bolagsskatt = 10%

USA - Karibien

British Virgin Islands

Leader in emerging market corporate finance. Perfect place for managing yachts and ships

US, Delaware

Incorporating Your Company in Delaware
The most flexible business laws
No corporate income tax

Business in Belize

Tax-exempt on profits and capital gains. Great deal of respect for corporate privacy

Business by Cayman Company

Leading international financial centres. Home to the world’s 50 largest banks

Incorporation in Anguilla

The most flexible corporate management structure. Excellent degree of political stability

Business in Bahamas

Leading banking sectors with over 250 banks. No corporate tax, excellent port facilities

Saint Vincent

Grenadines Company Incorporation. Leading location for foreign investment. Complete exemption from income tax on profits

Company in Panama

One of the most developed international business center. The fastest growing economy in Central America

Business in Nevis

Tax free, no exchange control
Wide range of international banks


United Arab Emirates (UAE)

One of the world’s largest logistics hubs
Leading host for global foreign investment


Company in Seychelles

Excellent tax benefits (zero tax)
Sound asset protection

Mauritius Business

Best practices of transparency, good governance and ethics. One of the fastest growing economy in sub-Saharan Africa