It very well could be any smattering of random explorers or Aurora Watch. I seriously cannot articulate how excited I am that there’s a good possibility we’ll go to Vurmas. He considers that Den Thelyss was very kind to accept one as comparatively young as himself. Veja mais ideias sobre rpg, personagens, elfos. He was released by the Nein to resume his disguise as Lord Thain. Thanks to momomoriV2 for this art piece! Wizards. “Okay, and the other three?“ Verin pulled a chair over to the side of the bed. Essek is a very handsome male drow who holds his head high. Essek offered to help Caleb with his research into Halas's notes on transforming bodies permanently, and the next day, the party went to Essek's home where he, Caleb, and Nott were successful in creating the Transmogrification spell. They hate me.”, “If they’re your friends, then how can they hate you?“, “Okay,“ Verin was starting to feel like a therapist at this point, “what are these friends of yours like? She comes back for the sibling reunion simply to congratulate Essek on his treason & then beat his ass for recklessly getting involved w the Cerberus Assembly. “I’m a bad person, and they know, and they’re so good. When Essek moved away, Jester saw that instead of footprints, he left two grooves in the snow from his toes dragging. I’ll stan him forever. He didn’t eat it, he doesn’t like sweets. If he’s had any kind of relationship with Verin over the course of their lifetimes he’s know more of what to expect and how to distract or divert Verin some any possibility of uncovering the plot either by accident or by purposeful investigation. Taskhand Verin Thelyss by Ronku on DeviantArt critical role fan art campaign 2 drow Verin Thelyss Task hand criticalrolefanart fan art He didn’t deserve to have them as his friends, and now they know that, too. The spell ultimately failed because of the lingering curse on Nott. Can you tell me why you think your friends hate you?”, After a moment, practically in a whisper, “I’m a bad person…“ Verin couldn’t exactly say anything to contradict that, so stayed silent, but did put a reassuring hand on Essek’s shoulder. Verin grabbed him by the arm again and started leading him to the door, “I know, I know. She’s a member of the Cobalt Soul. yoshifics reblogged this from marmotsomsierost. Fjord (Critical Role) (169) Caduceus Clay (169) Yasha (Critical Role) (136) The Mighty Nein (115) Mollymauk Tealeaf (47) Include Relationships Essek Thelyss/Caleb Widogast (531) The Mighty Nein & Essek Thelyss (51) Essek Thelyss & Caleb Widogast (38) Jester Lavorre/Beauregard Lionett (27) Caduceus Clay/Fjord (21) From the second Eiselcross was mentioned I was like VURMAS PLEASE. He has admitted HIMSELF on several occasions that the Nein are crazy for going off on certain adventures or that roughing it wasn’t for him. Really wanted to finally paint how I imagine Dierta and Verin to look like. #jester lavorre #essek thelyss #critical role art #critical role fanart #fiovske draws #man they could be bffs... #im SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THEM #im begging you do NOT tag as ship #let them be friends i promise you m/f platonic relationships arent inferior. Although in the Mighty Nein's initial meeting with him, they heard and saw his footfalls as he moved,[12][13] later Jester peeked below his cloak and saw his feet weren't touching the ground. [51] When Essek presented the party with the Xhorhaus, Jester thanked him with an awkwardly long hug. Essek agreed to taking a disguised Fjord into the prison to see if he could learn anything further. Link below, Message me or @warpony for a link if this one expires, Friends of His, Now Friends of Mine? Verin switched to a more gentle tone, “Hey, hey, calm down. She was a goblin, but now she’s not. “It’s been so long…”. Both hurt in their own ways. Then join our Verin Theyless appreciation discord! 768 notes. Reani found him very attractive and was overawed and shy around him. Verin came in a few minutes later, “How did it go?”. Related: essek thelyss critical role dungeons and dungeons dnd fanart essek thelyss critical role dungeons and dungeons dnd fanart < > Follow. He’s very good at pretending.” The night he went to dinner, Fjord told him he was a rock for their group. In Nicodranas, Caleb discovered Essek secretly meeting aboard a ship of the Cerberus Assembly. Families within the dynasty are referred to as "Dens," with Den Kryn being the leading and most powerful of the dens. He was the most open and honest with them he had yet been, removing his floor-length mantle for the first time and explaining to them that he began levitating when he was young in an effort to impress people. Verin waited 10 or so minutes to be sure Essek was asleep before leaving. Essek is many things: cunning, resourceful, powerful and adaptable. It was familiar. Actually, I need two things, and the second thing is for Verin to be taller than Essek by exactly the amount, minus an inch, that Essek floats off the ground. [22] His beliefs cut him off from others of the Dynasty; he does not trust anyone and feels like he doesn't belong. You're killing me, Smalls. He was interested in her goals and called her desire to find where she fit in "very noble". [29][30], Essek was present for the Mighty Nein's audience with the Bright Queen following their return from Bazzoxan and said he could transport the group to the Flotket Alps. “I guess you really are out of it,“ Verin grabbed his arm and started leading Essek out, “Come on, let’s get you into the carriage.“, Essek fell asleep almost as soon as he sat down, much to Verin’s relief. yes I have collected the full set of Thelyss siblings in the Loki-Thor-Hela dynamic, simply bc I wanted to . I was happy that day.“ Essek hadn’t felt connected like that in a long time, or maybe that was the first time? His home consists of three towers of different heights connected by walkways. [46] He later helped Caleb and Nott develop their Transmogrification spell, and was grateful when Caleb agreed to let him make a copy of the spell for his own records. When they returned to Rosohna, he also helped Caleb by using Dispel Magic on the stolen book page, unlocking its contents, and told Caleb he had been able to delay the execution of the Scourger for two weeks. [52], Jester regularly casts Sending to Essek during the party’s travels, asking for information and assistance. [63] His spellbook is apparently kept in a pocket dimension, and apparates into a hand when needed. tshortik . A little insight into Absence’s past. [32], When the Mighty Nein were ready to leave for the Flotket Alps, they sent to Essek to come to the Xhorhaus, where they introduced Dairon as their house sitter. They hate him. [17] Later, the party learned that Essek floats because when he was young, he used it as a means of impressing people and now it has become expected of him. I really hope they immediately head straight for Vurmas so much. “It’s been really long,“ Essek didn’t even realize he was crying, “I don’t know if something is wrong.“. Caleb gave him the vial of dunamantic power the party recovered in the cellar of the Brenatto Apothecary in Felderwin. WHAT THE HELL IS ESSEK DOING IN VURMAS ITS NOT HIS BAG HE’S STILL A SQUISHY WIZARD AND VURMAS ISN’T A JOKE WHY ARE YOU THERE ESSEK WHAT ARE YOU DOING ESSEK ARE YOU ALONE ESSEK. I argue for Verin for a reason more than personal desire to meet the character. Keeping all that in mind to be an emotional survivor of Den Thelyss he would need Essek in one of a few possible ways. His cloak falls to the floor, obscuring his feet. [40], After the Mighty Nein were assigned to Essek’s stewardship, Essek found Caleb's demonstration of his unique Cat’s Ire spell "interesting" and agreed to tutor Caleb in dunamancy. [15] At Mythburrow, he left two grooves in the snow behind him as he moved, from his toes. Essek accepted the Uthodurnian cupcake Jester gave him on one visit to Rosohna. {{art caption}} ----- autoformat art credits/captions, {{ep}} ----- autoformat links to episodes, {{ep ref}} ----- inline episode references, {{infobox character}} ----- infobox for character pages, {{infobox episode}} ----- infobox for episode pages, {{new artist category}} ----- boilerplate for new artist category pages, {{new character}} ----- boilerplate for new character pages, Explorer's Guide to Wildemount Q&A and Fireside Chat with Matthew Mercer, Articles needing presumption confirmation, Spellcasting (Intelligence-based ability), "I think religion is a....I would say a crutch to some spaces. “He is a wizard. The second, and a kinder version that I like a bit better, is that Essek and Verin did bond and were very much loving brothers growing up.